PROGRAM Proposal

New Program Proposal Form

The following is information about Garland Parks and Recreation program policies. It will help you complete the proposal form at the end of this document.

Program Submission Deadline

If an agreement is made with the City to offer your program(s), all information must be submitted no later than the following dates to be included in the PLAY Guide publication:

  • Feb. 1: Summer book for May through Aug. programs
  • June 1: Fall book for Sept. through Dec. programs
  • Oct. 1: Winter and Spring book for January through April programs

Program Registration & Waivers

Garland Parks and Recreation performs all program registration. Program participants are required to sign waivers that release the City of Garland and its agents from all liability. The City of Garland may require you to purchase general liability insurance covering the City of Garland.

Fees & Instructor Payment

Generally, 60% of program fees are paid to the instructor. Please structure your proposed program fees accordingly. Instructor payment is processed at the conclusion of each scheduled program.

Program Refund Policy

A registered participant may be refunded in full after the first program of a session. This policy is in effect to allow tentative participants to try a program before committing. If the participant attends the second program, they will be given a pro-rated refund for the remaining programs. No refunds will be given to the participant for supplies purchased for the program.

Program Promotion

The City of Garland Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department reserves the right to alter program titles and descriptions for marketing / formatting purposes. As part of the instructor agreement between you and the City of Garland Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, your program will be promoted using some or all of the following venues:

PLAY Guide
The PLAY Guide is comprised of activities and events offered by Garland Parks and Recreation. The PLAY Guide is distributed three times per year. Jan. - April programs are published Dec. 1, May - Aug. programs are published Apr. 1, and Sept. - Dec. programs are published Aug. 1. A digital copy of the PLAY Guide is made available at

Online Registration is an online program registration service provided by Garland Parks and Recreation. The public can use this site to view program information and register for them online.

Flyers are made for certain programs and activities. These are posted at recreation centers, libraries, and other city facilities. All flyers must be approved by the Parks and Recreation marketing staff and include the City logo before distribution.

We would gladly accept any photographs of your program to be used in our promotional media. Recreation staff will also take photographs of programs for future promotional purposes.

Other Information to Consider

  • Programs often take time to gain popularity. Titles, program fees, and program descriptions may be adjusted to help increase enrollment.
  • The City of Garland strictly adheres to the Americans with Disability Act requirements. In particular, the City will make reasonable accommodation for anyone to participate in any program or activity offered by Parks and Recreation. If a patron requests assistance to participate in a program or activity, the department’s Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will coordinate this assistance with the instructor and the center supervisor.
  • You cannot use programs to sell products or services - excluding program supplies.
  • Make sure the facility can accommodate your projected attendance and the equipment you will need to provide the program.

Please complete all information requested in this New Program Proposal Form. Fill out a separate form for each program you would like to teach. Once your form has been received, you will be contacted by one of the recreation centers to discuss the proposal. Questions? Email us or contact one of the recreation centers.