Solid Waste Collections Assistance PROGRAM

City of Garland solid waste customers who are physically or visually impaired (either permanently or temporarily) and who do not have a household member or employee that is physically able to assist in placing the Residential Solid Waste and/or Recycling Container(s) at the curb weekly for pick up may qualify for this free of charge service. This program may allow a customer to request a reasonable accommodation from the requirement for placement of the residential solid waste or recycling container(s) at the designated collect point as outlined in Sec. 52.13 subsection E of the Code of Ordinances for the City of Garland, TX.


  • Complete the form. This form can be found here.  PLEASE NOTE: A portion of this form must be completed by the applicant’s health care provider.
  • Submit the completed form by mail or in person to:

Utility Customer Service
City of Garland
217 N. Fifth St.
Garland, TX 75040

  • Once the application is approved, a code will be added to the customer’s utility account for twelve months to indicate to Garland employees that the customer has a need for collections assistance at the service location.
  • Customers must renew this status every twelve months. Utility Customer service will mail a renewal form for the customer to complete and resubmit.