eAssist Garland Citizen Contact Portal

What is eAssist?  eAssist Garland is an online platform accessible from the City’s website, www.GarlandTX.gov, and from a free app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet.  These applications can be found in Google Play or Apple store or follow the instructional below to access now.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS FOR NON-EMERGENCY SUBMISSIONS.  IF THERE IS AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT EMERGENCY SERVICES THROUGH 911.

 eAssist Logo How to download the app for use on your smart phones (Apple or Android)


  1. Go to the App store on your phone or open your camera to use the corresponding QR Code below and go directly to the eAssist app to download.

For Apple phones it looks like this:                          For Android phones it looks like this:

 QR Codes for eAssist Application


Why eAssist?  eAssist allows citizens to submit over 50 types of service needs / concerns 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  These requests are funneled to the respective department(s) directly responsible for addressing the situation.  It will also allow the requestor (in most cases) see the status of their request(s) and receive information as to when it is completed.

I need more guidance on submitting a request / concern.  Maneuvering through the application is simple but we have created some instructions to help you submit that first request.  These instructions can be printed for reference, or you can access them here.


If you need additional assistance or are having trouble with the application, please contact us at 972-205-2671