Budget Billing

The Budget Billing Program is available to residential customers who would like to smooth out their monthly utility bills and avoid some of the peaks and valleys of seasonal utility costs.

Participating customers pay a similar amount from month to month based on the average of their bills during the previous 12 months. Costs are spread out over the entire year, Average Budget Billing Example Graphmaking it easier to plan your budget.

How the Program Works

Each month we calculate your average electric and water consumption for the previous 12 months. The charge for your average consumption is calculated using current electricity and water rates.

Charges for any other services such as Sanitation, Stormwater, and Sewer service are then added to determine the total Budget Billing amount for the current month.

Because charges are recalculated each month, payment amounts will vary somewhat from month to month in the event of extreme weather conditions or if utility rates change.

Billing Variance Example GraphVariance

The difference between your Budget Billing amount and your actual charges is called “Variance”. Your Variance typically increases during the summer months when actual charges are higher than Budget Billing charges, and decreases during the winter months.

Accounts may be balanced or settled periodically to prevent accumulation of excessive Variance amounts.When the account is closed or discontinues Budget Billing, any remaining unpaid Variance is charged on the next utility bill.


To be eligible for Budget Billing, customers must have at least 12 months of electricity and water consumption history at their current location and must not currently have a past due balance.

Budget Billing customers are not eligible for payment arrangements to extend the payment due date. Participation in the Budget Billing program may be cancelled if service is disconnected because of an unpaid bill or an incorrect payment amount (paying short) being made.  If this should occur, you may re-apply for this program after 12 months.

For information about the Budget Billing Program, or to apply by phone, call Customer Service at 972-205-2671.