My trash (or recycling) container has a foul odor. What can I do?

Trash and recycling containers require periodic cleaning to prevent a buildup of residue and associated odors, and to keep away flies and other pests.

After the garbage truck empties your trash cart, use a water hose to clean the inside of the cart. Pressure from the water hose alone may be enough to remove residue. If further cleaning is needed, pour some vinegar and baking soda in the bottom of the cart to help sterilize and remove odors. Then, empty the cart onto your lawn. Never use bleach or other chemical cleaning agents outdoors because the toxins will eventually flow into storm sewers.


Tips for keeping carts clean:

  • Bag all trash and tie the bag tightly.
  • Close the lid completely; avoid overfilling the cart.
  • If feasible, keep cart inside a shed/garage until pick-up day.
  • Start a compost pile instead of placing food scraps in the cart.

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