What is CodeRED Weather Warn?

Weather Warn is a feature available to Garland residents that allow citizens to receive emergency weather warnings via the CodeRED telephone notification system. These notification calls will be launched as soon as the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning, providing critical preparation time when severe weather threatens. View a video about how CodeRED Weather Warn works.


Whether you have already registered for CodeRED or are registering for the first time, you must "opt-in" for the automatic weather warnings.

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1. What is the CodeRED telephone emergency notification system?
2. What is CodeRED Weather Warn?
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4. How does CodeRED work?
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6. When will the CodeRED system be used?
7. How do I make sure that I am notified?
8. What if I opted in for the Weather Warning system and decide I no longer want to receive the automatic weather warning messages?