How do I enroll?

You will need your City of Garland Account Number for each account you have on file, the service address (e.g. House or Street Number), name as it appears on your statement, and valid email address to enroll in the new portal.  Go to our Customer Service webpage and click on the ”My Account” button to see instructions and then click on “GO” to create your new account. Note: As of September 12,2022, all previous portal users will be required to re-register in the new portal. To sign in, all you need is your mailing zip code, new account number, and a registered email address – your previous USERNAME / PIN number will no longer be used. You can find your new account number displayed on the most recent bill. If you have not received a new bill statement (one after September 12th, 2022), you will still be able to register using your previous account number.

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